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Advertising: Strategy | Planning | Placement | Management

Helping your business thrive with bespoke advertising solutions

Brand Gardener provides advertising media strategy, planning and placement services for small to medium businesses.  We partner with our clients and our media suppliers to ensure your brands get the optimal level and saturation of advertising - efficiently and cost-effectively.  We work to make sure your brands are placed on the right mix of platforms, and in places where your existing and new audiences are found.

We will give you an overview of the market and help you make informed decisions about where you spend your advertising dollars.

Regardless of whether it's a one-off campaign or long-term brand awareness; big or small, we will negotiate with media owners on your behalf, then manage the placement and campaign for you, so you can concentrate on what you do best.

We want to understand what makes you and your business tick; what your hopes and dreams are, and then partner with you on the journey to achieving them.  

We love working with new clients and look forward to meeting with you to see where we could help. 
And the best part? ...our service is free of charge.

Why use Brand Gardener for your media advertising

Why #1

You want to advertise, but maybe analysing all the different advertising options is not your thing, or you’re not sure where to start

Why #2

You’re too busy to pull together a multi-channel media campaign that meets the goals and fits within your budget

Why #3

You have a new campaign to run but don’t have time to approach all the different media to get the best solution and price

Why #4

You’d rather deal with one person who is independent and has the expertise to analyze all the media options for you 

Whether its increasing sales, raising your business profile or thought leadership we'd love to help you achieve your goals

Multi-media strategy, planning and placement

Clients speak for themselves.